Talk a walk to your neighborhood drugstore and you'll be amazed at how much you can get for $50. And then drive to Sephora and try spending the same $50. You'll probably get three products if you're lucky. Here at AIMB we ( as in I) love CVS and Walgreens. Apart from getting way more products for $50 I also get several discounts on almost everything !

So, if you had to spend $50 at your neighborhood drugstore you might want to start off by checking out these goodies !

Powder them eyes ! Kohl eye liners for a sultry smokey look !

Kim Kardashian lashes for $5 ! Try the individual strips or the whole lash strip.

Colorful metallic gorgeous shades for $6 ! Hard to pick one shade though.

Acne be gone ! COuld be a bit drying but overall great for the price.

Shimmer and soft lips for your niece and you ! They've been around for ever but now they have been upgraded.

Delicious sugar without any of the calories. Delicate sweet smelling skin and a clean body.

20 or more beautiful shades to color them cheeks ! Sheer to shimmer to matte, they've got it all.

Nude shades that show up pigmented lips as well ! If you have darker lips like me and love lighter shades, try the long staying formulas. They have a lot more pigment and are show to show up better.

2000 Calorie Mascara ! Not really on the calories or they wouldn't be featured here. D@mn calories.

Shimmer or shine ? Get em both y'all ! They might eb hard to figure out but once you get through with that you'll notice the wonderful texture.

Indian Girl


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