When in doubt just raid your crafts closet. On one such raid, I randomly cut up pieces of threads and started braiding them and braided those braids. By the end of it I almost had a necklace in my hands. A chain and a couple of jump rings later, I had just that- a brand new necklace ! 

Indian Girl


Three hours back Miley Cyrus went ahead and got her blond locks chopped off by celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan.

Debuting her hairstyle on twitter, Cyrus said "Never felt more me in my whole life ❤." We know what a new hair cut does to our confidence and Cyrus seems to have had her own personal high from this super edgy cut. Its not everyday you see someone going from a perpetual top knot to platinum blond, sharp pixie so yay for Cyrus giving us hair fanatics something to gush over. It is to be seen if this pixie goes on to become as big as the Rachel did for Jennifer Aniston; also courtesy of Chris McMillan

Needless to say, I love the cut. What do you think of the brand new change in this pop star's look ?

(images via twitter @mileycyrus, @ChrisMcMillan)


The Indian flag ends up inspiring an unlikely prospect- a cheesecake.

Chefs at the coffee place, Mocha have turned to what they do best to show their love for our country. They created this tricolor cheesecake(Rs. 150). Creative stuff, no doubt. However will it make you wait in line to stuff yourself with this Indian flag inspired sweet treat, is to be seen. 

Personally I would have loved a navy blue coloured chakra made with white chocolate on top, to make it more Indian. The saffron (orange), white and green can easily be used to mark Ireland or Ivory Coast who share the colours with India. How's that for today's lesson in history.

If any of you living in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or Raipur indulge in this, do let me know how good it tastes.

Indian Girl


Dia Mirza debuted her new hair-do, brow-skimming bangs at the 2012 Vogue Beauty Awards, held last night in Mumbai. Mirza, who's natural hair is fine and straight couldn't go wrong with these mega bangs. I love the look!

What do you think of these new set of bangs in Bollywood ? Here's looking forward to seeing how she continues to style it.



Finally I am back.

Back to my home. Back to my blog where I belong.

Last Friday was my last day with Vogue India. The one year and four months in Mumbai, working with the world's favourite fashion magazine's digital team was a dream. I made great friends and had the best time working there. However, it was hardly work given that I was doing what I love. This made showing up at work, one of my favourite things to wake up in the morning for.

However, with my wedding in December and several other things on my mind, I decided to move on from there. I will now be available full-time to continue pursuing what I love in my own backyard.

Before I left for Vogue, I was in the process of developing our blog into a website and had done all the ground work for it. However, the great opportunity came along and I put our project on hold temporarily. It is now time to bring it back to life and get it up and running.

So, that I where I have been.

Well, that and trying out a new smoothie every morning for breakfast.

And adding new yoga pose to my existing yoga routine before I down the jug of smoothie. Today I tried the wide leg forward bend.

(via theyogaposes.com)

And finding a cozy corner to doze away at all night long Indian weddings.

Indian Girl


This is perhaps the most theatrical face massage, ever.

I love the showmanship of this barber. He makes facial massage seem like something you'd love to stand around and watch. From warding away of evil, toxic energies to fanning and misting you, this is one ritual that's better documented than experienced.

Will you be willing to put your face in his hands? I am.

Indian Girl


Weeks go by without anything rattling the beauty community. We can all agree that M.A.C launching another pink lipglass is really not news worthy, let alone interesting news. However, new faces, new lines and remembering a master hairstylist is what these past two weeks have been about. Needless to say, everybody is talking beauty.

Read on to find out if you missed on any of the action

Brad Pitt for Chanel No.5

The utterly charming if a little grandmotherly, Chanel No.5 gets a new face- that of man. Brad Pitt nonetheless ! With the endorsement he joins some very feminine faces Audrey Tautou, Catherine Deneuve and Nicole Kidman who have previous lent their support to the 91 year old fragrance. 

Like million others we are extremely curious to see how Chanel decides to use this rugged, bearded, handsome face to sell one of its classics.

Zooey Deschanel is Pantene's New Girl

We were ecstatic about this collaboration. Looks like its a great couple of years for the new girl. An ad with Apple for Siri, a new sitcom, a new Broadway show, deals with Rimmel, Cotton and now Pantene. Way to go !

Christian Louboutin Enters Beauty 

The red sole shoe genius has a new passion- beauty. Though we read and re-read the press release several times, it does not give away any clue on what exactly in the beauty category will Louboutin make. All it says is, the company is called- Christian Louboutin Beauté and they will make 'luxury beauty products'.

Speaking of the new venture, Mr Louboutin told WWD this “Very constructed, quite different and unexpected," 

An army of red lipsticks? A soul stirring fragrance? What could it be. 

Maybelline Loves P'trique of $hit Girls Say And...

Charlotte Free. This is how they showed their love for the pink haired model and YouTube's favourite star.

Boss Girl Gywneth 

Iron Man's girl, Gwyneth Paltrow (no offense Mr.Martin) is the new face of Hugo Boss's Boss Nuit Pour Femme Fragrance. Given that the fragrance was inspired by the sensuous little black dress, its safe to assume what the actress will be wearing in the advertisements. 

Vidal Sassoon 

We lost him on May 9 to Leukemia. However, his influence will extend onto several generations of hair dressers world wide.  

Picture credit: Style.com, Net-a-Porter

Indian Girl

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