The beauty community's love for all things NYX is well documented on the Internet. So, I am not going to tell you about how good this stuff is, about how it blends brilliantly, how it is so wonderfully pigmented, how it is so fine milled and I am definitely not going to tell you about how it so cheap and yet on par with department store stuff. No I'm so not getting into all that.

What I will tell you about are these two shades I have - Mauve and Terracotta. Mauve is the ' cant you see I'm at a conservative work place ' kinda shade while terracotta is a 'fun in the sun' kinda shade. Mauve - you can give it a miss unless you are looking for a ' cant you see I'm at a conservative work place ' blush. Terracotta you must go get. It works well as a blush, as a bronzer on ( deeper skin tones) and gives a wonderful golden glow along with some terracotta goodness. If you had to spend $6 and get only one NYX blush I'd strongly recommend this shade. Its Gawgus !

Have y'all tried this good stuff form NYX ? Whats your favorite shade of blush from them ? Tell me, don't you totally agree with me on Terracotta. Hawt !

Indian Girl
PS : Forgive the absence of another 't' in terracotta. Lets make do with one 't' for today.


Rupa said... @ June 12, 2009 at 3:59 PM

I so so so want them....Will be great if you can have another SHOP IG in India session....I would love to buy from you....esp since it comes with so much trust....by the way we moved to begumpet a week ago...so no access to internet...since no gmail access at office....all I can do is look at ur website and drool..... :(
And some info, there is a new mall in Hyd which has a MAC store....everytime I pass through the place(which is daily to and from work) I think of you......
I am scared to enter though since I will be intimidated and will sure look like a fool there.....:)
Can you suggest what are the nice stuff to buy there ? especially concealor for indian tones....you did mention once .....sorry to bother again....
Take care...and regards to all.... :)

An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said... @ June 14, 2009 at 11:00 AM

Hey Rupa !

That's awesome !! I have tons of recs for ya ! I shoot you an email this weekend !

Nadia said... @ April 11, 2010 at 12:50 PM

Bought it because of your swatch, thanks hun!♥♥♥

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