Just got out of the shower. Around here, this is as fresh as a review gets. FRESH !

If there is one thing beauty blogging has taught me, it is to be more open minded when it comes to products. Now, generally if I saw the words Brown Sugar on anything I would stay away expecting a sickeningly sweet smell. I would also stay away from something that says Evenly Gorgeous and looks golden in color expecting a whole lotta glitter or even worse a gradually tanning product.

But the Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash is none of that. It is delicately sweet smelling and has nothing to do with glitter or tanning. It is an exfoliating body wash and a very good one at that ! The two main ingredients include brown sugar and Karite butter work well at gentle everyday exfoliation and provide adequate moisture. Given that its summer I usually don't follow up with a body lotion and with this body wash I don't have to. It keeps my skin soft and comfortable all in one step !

Also I am beginning to believe that sugar exfoliation is way better than salt. Salt is just too abrasive. So, go ahead and embrace sugar. Or should I say Caress it (corny, I know).
It smells great and you will too !

Price - $4.49
Purchase - Drugstores
Purpose - Exfoliating Body Wash
Position -

Indian Girl


Rima Kaur said... @ July 19, 2009 at 10:50 PM

yeah i wouldnt recommend salt either. i feel that my skin is getting scratched at the microscopic level.

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