You know as well as I know about my inability to apply falsies. Who ever does this job in less than a minute is high up there in my books along with Shah Rukh Khan, Air conditioning and Rice - the Holy Trinity

Well this was the case until I struck gold ( or oil since we're in the oil land) with a pair of drugstore goodies from Revlon ! Its called the Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes - #91128 LUSH.

Its not a strip of lashes but eight individual pieces that can be use anywhere along the length of your eye ! And because they are tiny bits you can place them in under 30 seconds !! We are not talking in minutes anymore. I've been using the glue it came with and have had no problems.

Check this look. Yes, its the original Lara Dutta Look from the movie blue. I used one of the tiny strips on the outer edge of my eye - best, most recommended place to try this on for maximum effect. Look at that. Look at that ! My natural lashes are just not long enough to curl so beautifully. Loves it !

A pair of these can be bought for $5 ! They have several other natural looking and dramatic ones. They also have the self adhesive kind. I haven't yet tried them yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to gossip all about it. Have you tried any of the lashes from the Fantasy Lengths line ?

Indian Girl


Patricia said... @ June 20, 2009 at 4:15 AM

I've tried the self-adhesive. They're great and save all the glue hassle. Stick with those - the glue kind are OVER!!

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