Everything and everybody is getting upgraded and so has our favorite lip balm, Chapstick. Its weird calling Chapstick , a lip balm. Its really one of those things where the brand name has become synonymous with the product !

This new offering is really just that - an upgraded Chapstick with a hint of shimmer to it and loads of flavor. Four flavors we can choose from are Tropical, Botanical Berry, Blended Fruit and Peppermint Rush. I really liked the botanical berry ( its pink !) and the peppermint one (duhh... mint !) Apart from the regular moisturizing formula that has hydrated millions of lips, these new ones are sure to be a hit with young teens and tweens ! I personally hate kids who wear makeup but as long its chapstick with shimmer - no problemo ! Tres cute, actually !

Have you tried these new shimmer sticks ? They only cost $2.79, you know ! Pick up four for yourself or for your cute little niece or daughter !

Or torture your boyfriend by replacing his regular one with one of these true shimmers ! Now, that's fun !
I'm mean.

Indian Girl


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