What can I say, I love masks ! Been doing the mud mask since I was teenager and have had excellent results always. It did keep me from getting the dreaded teenage acne ! And then there were the chemical masks, the enzyme masks, the fruit masks and many more. Each did something good, some didn't do all that much. Through all this my favorite remained the classic mud mask. As Julia Roberts says in My best Friend's Wedding " The one constant thing in my life, is that he'll always be there". Well my "he" is the mud mask.

I am usually exhausted after an hour and half of cardio - EXHAUSTED. All I want at the end of it is relaxation and food. So, a couple of days back I got home from the gym and did just that. I washed my face with water and applied the Alaska Mud Mask in Lavender-Peppermint all over my face and neck with the brush. Seriously super refreshing mask. Most mud masks just do the cleaning but really relaxing with a mask is just as important. The cooling effect from the peppermint and the buttery nature of the mask are too good ! The rejuvenated soft face - way better !

The best part is that the mask is made from 100 % natural ingredients ! I highly recommend it for pore cleansing. On their site you'll a pic of the founder at the glacial mud site. Literally makes me wanna book a vacation to Alaska just so I could roll in that mud !

Read more on the Alaska Glacial Mud Company here

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