I hate the song - Hot and Cold by Katy Perry but if there is one thing that I'd sing the song to...it would be my skin this week. I started out feeling very oily and dirty so I used my stand by - make me dry cleanser. Except the cleanser made me too dry. Way too dry. Flaky, skin peeling off ugly dry. To remedy the dryness I used my stand by - make me fly ( makes no sense but hey it rhymes !) moisturizer. Though it removed the tightness of dry skin the flakes persisted and I sang...You change your mind, like a something I would know...

Enter Clinique Turnaround Facial ($36.50) - a five-minute pampering mask that combines physical and chemical exfoliation to offer skin the resurfacing results of a professional microdermabrasion treatment. Its not what I'm used to, I mean no chemical peel has touched my skin but I wanted to try it on. It is a grainy mask that you spread on your face and wait 5 minutes . I waited 30 minutes. Nothing to do with my discretion, I was simply loading the dishwasher. Later while washing off I massaged the masque on my face so the exfoliating beads could work their magic and because that's what good girls do. The flakes vanished but that's expected of a grainy mask, right. What's magical is that it restored my skin's balance. It is no longer dancing in between oily and dry. The masque even got rid of a couple of bumps between my brows ( imagine that horror). Its safe to say this masque has caught my attention, big time. My skin now is so soft, so smooth, so touchable . I mean I'm in love ....

You wont guess what I'm singing now. Oh no you wont. No ways. It's not what, I'm used to Just wanna try you on...I'm curious for you...Caught my attention...I liked it, I liked it.
What ??? You knew that ??? Shoot...Ain't no big deal, its innocent....

Indian Girl


kristen said... @ February 12, 2010 at 11:29 AM

i just used the turnaround instant facial and followed it with turnaround concentrate... omg. my face has been.... "effed" for almost 2 weeks. THIS FIXED IT!

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