Hiya Ladies !

Boy , was it great to wake up to so many messages from y'all ! You're the best !
This is a list of products I used for this look. A couple of new products in there, a few old faves !

More pics here

Step By Step Instructions :

1. Start by applying primer all over your eyelid and under the eyes.
I used SKINN Instafill For Eyes

2. Apply concealer all over the lid & under your eyes covering those dark circles.
I used Julie Hewett Creme Concealer - Omit
God send for days when I need concealer but very little of it

3. Apply a thin layer of cream shadow all over the lid as a base.
I used Julie Hewett Cream Shadow - Malachite.
A gorgeous light green that looks good on its own but great under any shadow !

4. Pat on a warm earthy brown all over the lid using a flat eyeshadow brush
I used Prescriptives Mineral Eyeshadow - Earth

5. Using a fluffly blending brush apply a deeper shimmery brown on the outer corner of your eye and blend it upwards and outwards onto the crease. Use back & forth motions.
I used Julie Hewett Shadow in Java.
Here is another look I did with Java - loving this shade ! Made me fall in love with brown !

6. Apply a shimmery ivory shade as a highlighter under your brows
I used Julie Hewett Shadow - Zen

7. Do your brows
This was my step #1. I used Milani Brown Pencil in Taupe & Julie Hewett Shadow in Vita


That gorgeous shade on my lips was Smashbox Lipstick in Captivating ! A serious contender for my Best Lipstick Shade Award.

Best Of The Year Awards

Lets do a best of the year awards soon. I am making my mind up on the best of each I've tried this year and will have a list up soon . I'll have a winner and a runner up.
If only I can choose.
You guys will have to tell me what were your best !

Guilty Pleasure Song ?

What is your guilty pleasure song ?
I'm almost embarrassed to say it but mine has got to be Get Low by Lil Jon. Lord I dare not sing it out loud if there is anybody else around me. The lyrics are bad bad bad.

Today I'm in a somber mood so I'm grooving to Usher - You Got It Bad...Its been heard over ten times now.

Usher ...Hmm...what a beautiful beautiful man..

Indian Girl


Fabulous World of Sara said... @ December 16, 2009 at 2:30 AM

thank u so much for that lil tutorial..i'm so gonna wear it tomorrow!! guilty pleasure song...well mine would be lollipop by lil wayne =D

An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said... @ December 17, 2009 at 1:21 AM

Hi Anon,

Sorry I didn't publish your comment. All I will say is I HAD NO IDEA. OMG I wanna puke. The words have gone. I don't think the song will ever be the same to me. Puke Puke Puke. Thank you though. Embarrassed for life. I wanna dig a hole, crawl into it and be there forever.

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