God, I love Julie Hewett palettes. They always put in the prettiest four shades together making it perfect for almost anybody !

The latest from them is the Noella Palette.

Noel Noel is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Nothing to do with the palette. But just in case you were dying to know which Christmas songs I liked.

I bet you were !

I keep telling myself that.

The Noella palette has four beautiful colors in it - three satin finish eyeshadow and one cheekie for cheeks & lips. The shadows are a joy to work with. They are paraben and talc free hence no binders. This is great for blending and layering but also makes them susceptible to breakage. Just something to remember before you throw the palette into your makeup drawer.

mica: a silver tinsel shadow, versatile for both day and night allure.
pola: a delicate snow white shadow to sweep over entire lid and highlight under brow.
java: a seductive, slightly shimmery brown used to create a smokey look that everyone will notice.
rosie: a sheer vibrant raspberry for the cheeks that doubles as a luscious lip color.

For this look I used Java all over my lid and Pola as my highlight under my brows.

Brown has never been my color but occasionally I find a rich beautiful brown like this one that just sweeps me off my feet. Pola is a great highlight shade. But I have another awesome highlight shade from JH that I will share soon. That one is a must have. Not to take the spotlight away from Pola. She is pretty too.

Rosie , rosie , rosie. Like they say it is a gorgeous flush of color. I love it a lot lot more than my POP Apples Of The Cheeks Rouge #1 . Rosie is a lot more sheerer than many other cheekies; making it a perfect pick for naturally flushed cheeks and just a hint of red stain for my lips.

I lined my waterline with Omit Pencil by Julie Hewett. I could have used a brown or black eyeliner but I just felt like going with the nude waterline. My brows are strong ( loving my Smashbox eyebrow brush #12).

Though I do a lot of looks with multiple shades - this is more in my comfort zone. It is dressy but has just two shades. Sometime less is more.

I couldn't sound anymore cleché, could I ? But these quotes are a cleché for a reason. They are true !


From now until Nov. 29th, use CODE NOV15 at checkout and get 15% off your purchases at juliehewett.net !

Indian Girl


preeti said... @ November 20, 2009 at 6:28 AM

I am so in love with the shades on your lids!!! Perfect for barely there wash of color. Absolutely loving it on your lids!

Kizzy said... @ November 20, 2009 at 9:43 PM

hey girl, it's .net (not .com)

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