When I first read about the Lip Enamel Lip Gloss from Stila I was super excited yet a bit reserved on how they would feel on my lips. The promised intense pigmentation had me wondering if it would turn out to be a thick paste , hard to spread and even harder to pull off in real life.

However when I did test it I was relieved that it was none of the horrible things I imagined it could be. The Lip Enamel Lip Glosses are spot on with the intensity and shine. But they are also equally great as far as the texture goes. They are not sticky, not pasty, spread pretty easily and have a non drying formula. The luxe glosses come with an attached brush and you just rotate the bottom part of the tube to get the color out. Some self control is required here, because its a lotta fun to keep twisting the bottom and seeing the color pour out of the brush.

The tricky part is with the application. Though these glide effortlessly, it takes some patience to get an even coat on your lips. A nude lip liner also helps avoid feathering. The other thing is the fierce shades. It is not for the weak of heart but if you do have one, I will soon show how you too can work it !

Price - $22
Purchase - Ulta, Sephora, Stila.com
Purpose - High Intensity, Full Coverage Lip Gloss
Position -


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