Yes there is going to be a free sampling offer but before I tell y'all about it I wanted to write about my experience with the product.

Hello Skin Nightmare !

I have been using it for five days and nights now. After my little three day trip to TMONW, I got back home with severely dry, red and irritated face. To add to the horror I also has a few tiny bumps on my skin. I am sure it was because of the change in water. The water there was very hard and something you cannot put into your mouth. It definitely took a toll on my skin.

ANR Experiment & Results

When I got back home I knew I needed something powerful to take care of it ASAP. Thankfully I had a small sample of the new Advanced Night Repair (ANR) waiting in my mail box and I decided to put it to test. I took a before picture and wanted to see if there was any visible difference. In two days of testing it I saw remarkable change in the redness, irritation and bumps. There was a significant reduction which is visible in the picture.

The dryness however remained and still remains. Not completely but my face is still on the dry side. I realize this is because they do ask you to follow up with a moisturizer of your choice. I did not know this but I guess its good I didn't because then I wouldn't know what brought the change.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

Once my sample finishes I plan on buying a full size 1 oz bottle for $47.50. I love the feel of the serum on my skin. It is very light and gets absorbed in a flash of a second. Plus it is not an anti aging product. I'd say its more of a prevention than a cure.
It is a product aimed at everybody to
- Help heighten Skin's Natural Repair Process
- Help repair past damages that the environment has done to our skin
- Protect skin from 90% of environmentally generated free radicals that are harmful to the skin
- Hydrate with key ingredient Hyaluronic Acid

I am eager to see how well the product works for me in the future. At 25, I am looking to protect my skin and keep it looking as good as it can in the future but at the same time I am too young to start on anti aging stuff. For now, I am very happy with the feel, texture, design of the product and the effect it has on my skin as far as redness and irritation goes. Lot more is desired on the hydration front.

Fun Facts About ANR

- It was first released in 1982 ( way before I was born !)
- First serum ever created.
- Everyday 4.464 bottle of ANR are sold worldwide.
- The Night Repair patent was purchased for $10 !!! LOL !

Price - $47.50 ( 1oz)
- Nordstrom, Macys, Estee Lauder Website
Purpose - Protect skin against environmental damages, help skin's natural repair process Position
Estee Lauder Offer : Get Your Free 10 Day Sample Of ANR

On Thursday, July 23rd Estée Lauder will kick off its largest sampling program to date – America’s Night to Repair. For 4 synchronized hours – from 5:00pm – 9:00pm (all local times) – Estée Lauder Beauty Advisors will be distributing 250,000 10-day samples of NEW Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex at ALL Estée Lauder department and specialty store counters nationwide – one per customer while supplies last. Visit the EL site here for additional information.

Indian Girl


Anonymous said... @ July 22, 2009 at 12:07 AM

You have great skin ! The difference is actually visible. How long do you think 1 oz will last ?
thanks - Laura

An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said... @ July 22, 2009 at 12:12 AM

Hi Laura !

The sample I received is 0.5 oz / 15 ml. Going by this I think 1 oz could last for about two months if used only at nights. But then again, you know how it varies depending how much each person uses...

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