I spent the past three days in a place called - The Middle Of No Where (TMONW).

There are three things you should know about TMONW kinda places

a. Everything on the menu is country fried
b. Everybody knows everybody in that town
c. Everybody knows when there is a new face in their town

It also helps if you are from another continent and look like it. In preparation for my trip I thought about everything I use everyday and made a list. That's how I pack. I think of my daily routine - I wake up I Brush, wash my face with Cleanser, wipe with a Towel , slather on Moisturizer and so on...

This trick has never failed, until this time.

************The post is about to get personal. Very personal. Gear up************

One thing I forgot to carry were my Q Tips. You see, every morning I wake up and I have a ritual I do with my Q tips. I ..err...I ...well...I use them to clean my ears.

I use them again after my shower to get the water out of my ears.

Dont say I didn't warn you !

Its a ritual that I religiously follow and not doing it during my trip made me feel dirty. I really really missed my Q tips. I even had them in the cutest small vanity packs. Way better than carrying them in Ziploc bags. I just had to drop it into my bag. That's all I had to do and I didn't.

Its feels terrible when you miss out on tiny things like this one. I needed my Q tips. I use them everyday so many times. I use them to do my eyebrows ( see video here) , remove my eye makeup, get rid of ear wax, to clean up white heads and to get the dirt from the corners of my sink and to remove the generously applied red lipstick from the corners of my mouth.

What do you use Q tips for ? Do you buy them in bulk ? Have you checked out the new super bright and colorful packs ? Do anything but DONOT buy the fake Q tips from Big Lots. They are the worst quality. Take it from me, I have tested every kinda cotton bud out there.

Indian Girl


Rima Kaur said... @ July 18, 2009 at 10:04 AM

oh you sound exactly like my dad. he has this ear bud mania too. and eye drops. he can never last a day without his eye drops.

i personally use ear buds to only clean my ears. i dont use them for any makeup purpose. but i do love them. they look so cute and colourful :P

Misha said... @ July 20, 2009 at 3:43 PM

I use way too many Q tips for fixing dodgy eyeliner and mascara smudges. I can get through boxes and boxes!

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