1. Look for discounts and try to get what you pay for.

2. Separate wants from needs.

3. Think before you spend because daily choices add up.

4. Ask for a bargain. If you don't ask, you wont get it.

5. Keep your price tags and receipts ...just in case.

Before you assume I'm the Indian Suze Orman, lemme tell ya that all these pointers were taken from the book - The Smartest Way To Save. While its not exactly chick lit, I ended up reading this book coz I couldn't make it to the library last weekend and ran out of my kinda books. To some this would be a blessing in disguise. I was just happy I had something to read and share with y'all. I didn't read the entire book but it was easy to pick and choose between sections that would apply to one like - how to save on beauty, how to save on clothes, food and so on. The book also has plenty of advice in terms of taxes and investments. And for the " Its all in your head" fans there is some of that too. Hey, did you know about "discount districts" ?

Do you have any tips on saving ? Is there a savings routine you follow when it comes to shopping ? Do you give into peer pressures while shopping ?

Indian Girl


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