Who says you need to spend your wallet away to buy wonderful gifts for your loved ones. Here are some tips from The Body Shop on Smart Gifts that don't cost the Earth! Read along and you'll see that you not only will you score brownie points for getting such well thought out gifts but a few extras for the environment friendly - reusable, recyclable packaging !

Buy Gifts that Multi-task: smart shopping means looking for gifts that have more than one purpose. When you buy a gift from The Body Shop, the packaging can be reused for a multitude of purposes – jewelry containers, fruit bowls, sewing baskets, whatever your imagination can conjure up! Good for the environment, and your wallet.

Rec : Shimmer Waves work as eye and cheek colors; Lip & Cheek Stain works for as a lip color and rosy tint for the cheeks; Shimmer Cubes might look like they are just for the eyes, but some shades work wonders for cheeks and lips!

Find Luxuries at Home :
it is now more important than ever to turn your home into a haven to escape, so instead of spending money on expensive spa services, treat yourself or someone else to a home spa experience .

Rec : The Body Shop’s, Spa Wisdom collection.

Gifts with Purchase : whether you keep them for yourself or use it as another gift for someone, The Body Shop stores offer those spending $10 or more on a single transaction in-store this Holiday a gorgeous bag containing a selection of miniature must-haves ! Who doesn't love travel friendly minis !

Feel Good Factor : no matter what is going on, its still important to think about the power of your purchase. Buying presents that are good for the environment can make it even better...The Body Shop uses recycled materials in their packaging, Community Trade ingredients in their formulas and plans to go carbon neutral by 2010.

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