We are always dying to know what celebrities use to look as good as they do on screen. And one such product is this - The Beauty Ammo Kit by M.B. York. It is used on various sets including Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the Stars, Dreamgirls, Regis & Kelly and many more ! Why is this so popular you ask? Because it is a easy , 3 step kit that helps mask all signs of aging around the eyes. Younger looking eyes are the key to an overall younger looking face and that's exactly what this product promises to deliver.

What does the kit contain?

The kit consists of a Collagen Eye Mask, a Line Putty , a Camouflage Eye Disguise ( concealer) and two sponges.

How do you use it ?

Step 1. "Pump it Up, Leave it On " Collagen Eye Mask. Apply the mask under both eyes with your fingers, you should see the product all the way across under your eye. DO NOT BLEND! Use a lot more than you would normally.

Step 2. Line Putty. Sweep the line putty right over top the eye mask. Now, take one of the enclosed sponges, and press the product into your skin. It will all appear to disappear. Don't blend, PRESS.

Step 3. Camouflage Eye Disguise. Sweep all the way across under your eye, and on your lid. Use a lot, paint it on!!! Now, with the same sponge, blend in the concealer. It makes a great base for your shadows, and gives great coverage under the eye. If you use your fingers, you are going to think it is too yellow.

The Collagen Eye Mask can also be used at night under the eyes, but just use a normal amount. Always leave it on, it is meant to hydrate all day and night. The Beauty Ammo Kit should feel really good, not too heavy, just soothing and hydrating. The results last all day, or until you wash your face

My Thoughts :

I think its a great kit for special occasions like stage performances and such when you want to look your best and for a long period of time. It also makes for a great gift to bridesmaids or to any of your friends. For $85 you get a lot of product in a cute pink box. The only gripe I have is with the concealer, it comes only in one medium toned color. I am still wondering how this can be used on everybody. It looks okay on me, though I would like it to be a little more warmer but it may not suit many other skin tones. This apart , its a very useful kit to invest in if you are beginning to show some fine lines around the eyes and would like them to disappear without having to try too hard.

If you happen to visit them on their site, do check out their other kits. The eye shadows in their Paint by Numbers kit are super soft and so easy to work with.


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