I was watching The Hills a couple of days back and Stephanie Pratt was breaking up with her boy friend...who cares, right? Well, I did coz she had a really pretty eye look going on. I tried doing this look with it in mind but she had a much blue-er color on her lower lash line. It was sooo pretty. If I had her number, I would have called her and asked what it was she used...Any guesses on what it could be?

I know you'll love this look for its simplicity. Trust me I received so many compliments on it ! All I did was applied concealer, UDPP and added a wash of Prescriptives Bellini shadow all over my lid and under my brow bone. Using my Prestige liquid liner, I lined my upper lash line. On my water line I used Julie Hewett Obit eye pencil - a nude color ( go buy it now !!). You can also use a white pencil on the water line. Followed that with Nixie eyepencil in Clouded Saoohiry along my lower lash line. That's it !!

I matched this look with a touch of Nixie blush Majesty -bright burnt orange that looks soft if applied with a fan brush and Urban Decay Rush - soft pink on my lips . Pull you hair back and you'll look the part - Classic with a twist !

Indian Girl


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