Susan is the wonderful blogger from FoodBlogga. I cant tell you how much I have learnt from her blog. But one thing stands out and that is Brussels Sprouts. I never touched Brussels Sprouts until I read this recipe of hers and decided it was time I gave it a try. Now, believe it or not I make it every other week ! I absolutely love it ! Apart from this she has a whole range of healthy salads and sundaes using fresh ingredients from Farmers market. Did you know what a Persimmon is or how to peel an artichoke ? I had no clue !

But recipes apart, she is a brilliant writer. I love the cute stories she tells with every post. Be it the window washer eying her scones , the lady at the market, gradmas frittatas or dads love for spaghetti squash.Every story brings you a little more closer to Susan and makes you want to keep coming back for more !

When it comes to makeup , Susan loves Neutrogena and the silky, shiny - Mega Slicks Lip gloss from Wet n Wild . For $2 a pop those glosses are a steal !

Which is your one "go to" makeup item?

Blush. It's the fastest way to add some color and freshness to my face.

What beauty products do you have in purse right now?

A peach lip gloss and pink lip gloss. That's it!

What "beauty food" is a must for you?

I don't have particular "beauty" food. I eat a healthy, mostly vegetarian diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbs. I also drink lots of water.

What is your beauty / make up regiment before hosting a fabulous dinner party?

I definitely do up my eyes. I like a smoky shadow, some dark liner, and extra mascara. A little shimmer on my cheeks makes me feel dressed up too.

What would you classify your make up regime as ?

I'm all for a simple, natural, fresh look.

Thank you, Susan !

Indian Girl


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