Just a small catching up post ...
Isnt that girl sooo cute...with her powder puff n all...I just wish she was smiling, or is she concentrating hard on getting her powder right ?LOL!!

Thank you all for participating in my first poll asking you gorgeous women on when you looked your best . In a week I had about 46 lovely readers sharing with me their details. True to a makeup blog style most readers said they looked best with their best make up on !! Well..r'nt you all beautiful makeup divas !!!!!!!!

On another note...I am craving new makeup stuff...I need my beauty fix and I need it soon. So I am gonna hit CVS and get me some Milani shadows. I have wanted Shamrock for so long...I have to drag myself and get it at any cost. What are you craving today?

BTW, I got my September issue of In-style a couple of days back...and am loving it!! Its a big issue full of fall trends !!!! From what I see, this fall is gonna be dark all the way. Leave your neutrals out and go head on with dark lips or dark eyes. I think its a nice sway away from the nude / natural looks...was starting to get bored of it.

As for me, I am working on sticking to this wonderfully retro make up look this fall....must see how well I do it. 50's style eyes and dark lips..what say? I will post some pictures of it soon !! Whats your style this fall? Tell me all about it !!


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