This is my interpretation of Shruti Hassan's look on the cover of Verve Magazine. I love the play on the classic Amy Winehouse winged eye look with the inner corner extensions and the hint of white giving it a more rocker vibe. I seriously don't think the girl can "rock"...she is pretty and all that but cant sing that well. Coming back to the cover ...I loved everything about it - the hair, the makeup , the clothes...all very well done!

Products Used and Description:

1. Apply concealer all over your lids and under eyes.
2. Take a black shadow and trace out the look on your lid. Use an angled eyeliner brush to trace the wing out. If you have a not so heavily pigmented black/ dark gray, I would advice using it because its easier to correct the shape without leaving a black stain on your lid.
I used Maybelline black shadow from the Urban blues palette.
3. On a small flat eyeshadow brush load your black shadow and apply all over your lid. Use smaller strokes to fill in the traced part. After filling the wing, slightly blend out the ends so its not harsh and definite.
I used Milani Storm
4. For the inner corner, use an angled eyeliner brush to draw 2 lines . One leading into your upper lash line and the bottom one leading into your lower lash line. Fill the space in between with a white/ silver shadow.
I used Revlon eyeshadow in Pearl white.
5. Use a black pencil liner to line your lower waterline. You can also tight line your upper lash line.
6. Use a curler and curl your lashes. Apply lots of lengthening and voluminsing mascara. You could also use false lashes for a more dramatic effect. Concentrate more on the outer lashes creating an outward facing curl with the mascara.
7. Use the same white sparkly shadow sparingly as your highlighter or use a neutral highlighter under your brow bone.
8. Alternatively you can also use a black pencil liner to trace out the shape and fill it in and then use a black shadow over it and blend out the edges.
Dats it!! Easy breezy!

Did you like the look? Will you be wearing it anytime soon?

Indian Girl


sapna said... @ August 20, 2008 at 11:23 AM

hey there! am a first timer here and loveeee it! am not too much into makeup but after looking at ur stuff...am interested!! loveee ur version of the winged eyes..very wearable!!

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ August 20, 2008 at 10:50 PM

That sounds gr8!! Send me a pic if you if you do try this look!

Indian Girl

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