Check out the neatly done contouring on Mahima's cheeks! Now you can achieve it too!! Read on, to find out how ...

Contouring is one of the best things makeup has taught me besides blush. I love blushes and I love contouring my face using my bronzer. Just that darker shade on the outer sides of your face makes it look so different!! This is especially great on girls with a round face like me. I love my round face coz it makes me look younger than I am and I am so glad I have cheeks ! As a kid I always loved it when people puled my cheeks and told me how cute I was. Little did I know, I would continue having those cheeks well into my twenties ! I would so love to grow old to be a granny with cute cheeks :p
Coming back to contouring, I found out recently that a lot of makeup artists had this trick which we could copy to get a flawless contoured face and cheek bones.
TIP: The trick is to apply your bronzer or a contouring powder in the shape of the number 3!!
Go on, try it.

I have put up pictures below to help you see how its done and the difference it makes to your face.

Products Used:

1. ELF bronzer in sunkissed . You can also use the MAC Sculpt and Shape face duo or any color which is just one shade darker than your foundation / natural skin color.
2. ELF professional bronzer brush. You can use any angled blush brush.
3. Milani Luminous Blush / NARS Orgasm blush
4. NYC Blush - Wine / any wine colored or pink blush. This is mostly for the flushed look - to bring some "color" to your cheeks.


1. Start off with a nicely moisturized face. Apply your concealer, foundation.
2. Take the bronzer on you brush and tap off the excess.
3. Starting from the top of your temples, pull the brush into the hollow of your cheeks in a slanting motion moving towards your lip area. Donot drag it onto your lips, stop with the cheek area only moving in the direction of reaching your lips.( did that make sense?)
4. Drag your brush back along the line you just created and now back to the lower part of your temple.
5. From here drag the brush downwards onto your jawline stoping just before your reach the chin.
6. Repeat it on the other side of your face. Repeat the same process if you need more definition.
7. Take a fluffy brush and make the lines less harsher. Do not over do this as you will take the definition away !
8. Smile and apply the pink blush onto your cheeks - on the inner area defined by your bronzer.
To make your cheek bones look high up there , apply the blush in a slanting motion towards your temples - Best for Round Faces.
For others who have an elongated / oval face try applying the blush across your apples towards the ear, by keeping your brush horizontal.
9. Now continue smiling and apply Luminous / NARS Orgasm just onto your apples. This helps your cheeks shine in the sun.

Dats about it !! Happy contouring girls!!

For Round Faces : Apply blush from the apple of your cheeks moving towards your temple.

For Oval Faces - Blush across your cheekbones:

My Milani Luminous broke :( thanks to some air travel I had to do last week.

Contouring done !

One more thing I love to do when I am outta time is to contour using my blush alone.

TIP: Apply blush making a " C ", starting from the top of your temples and dragging the brush across the hollow of your cheeks.

You will notice the difference immediately. Your cheeks will pop and I assure you of compliments on your chiseled cheek bones!


Anu said... @ April 22, 2008 at 12:27 PM

great post. lady your skin is so gorgeously clear.

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ April 23, 2008 at 4:48 AM

Thanks Anu !!

ilovecheese said... @ April 24, 2008 at 6:13 PM

Waaah, I tried it and ended up looking like a baaad clown. Sniff, sniff, my tryst with blush is well documented around the globe now..Still, this happy camper is going to try try try. Maybe the brush I use? It is fluffy and round top, not tapered. Is that the magic brush?

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ April 27, 2008 at 3:14 AM

Oh ho....is that what happened :(
If it makes you feel any better, my first attempts at contouring and blush both were DISASTERS. I would advice taking it slow, starting off with very little color on the brush and SLOWLY building it up. The key is patience( only for the first few times, till you get a hang of it)
I think a fluffy blush should do the trick too,though an angled one would be better and easier.

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