Damn, blogger aint letting me upload maa pics :(
I have so many posts fr ya girls ....
I hope it starts working soon... I can only post text, no pics :(

Anyways whats the hot song on your mind right now? Let me know, coz I am bored with my list. The other day, I was listening to the Indian station and they had this amazing song on...but I have no clue what its called or what movie it is from :( I have hoping they will play it again but no luck there.

I am stuck on this song....its the latest from Lil Wayne. Yeah I do like Hip hop for its beats, we all know we must ignore the lyrics , dont we ;)
The song is called - Lollipop . No I am not singing it aloud. Too bold for my taste, but the beats are amazing!! Gets me grooving every time it plays on the radio!I took a private dance class in hip hop long ago and LOVED it ! Cant wait to get started on my next round of dance classes. They are expensive but are such a great mood booster. I highly recommend them.

Check the song out : Here

Again, dont watch it...just groove to the beat, and forget about the lyrics ;)


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