Swatches from Zoya Wicked and Wonderful Collection !
From index to little - Stacy, Julieanne, Edyta and Shawn. Shawn and Edyta ae my absolute favorites so far ! Will have more swatches up soon with a review.

My new lipstick obsession. Its a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous paprika color. I took this pic after a few hours of wear so its toned down and looks very friendly. But if applied well its a fiery warm orange with a delicate bronzy finish. Imagine that ! Perfect for a Vogue Summer photo shoot ! She's called Majorca. I told you about her hot fuchsia friend here

More randomly I've been listening to Dontcha. Its one of my secret favorite songs to dance to at home. What is your secret favorite song ?

Indian Girl


Anonymous said... @ July 16, 2010 at 9:32 PM

Where can I find Zoya? Thanks.

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