The Getaway Collection is the newest offering from Three Custom Color Specialists. The collection consists of five vibrant, long wearing shades named after popular destinations. I was sent tiny samples of all five shades and I fell in mad love with three. Today I'll talk about this one color that I am wild about - Bora Bora !

Bora Bora is a cool fuchsia with a very very sheer blue opalescence. The blue appears in very few angles and looks like its reflecting off your lips. The shade is this super fun , 80's inspired fuchsia. I think the 80's was a great time for makeup - people had fun then. Unlike now when mostly its all about nude. I am no different I have 20 different nude shades of lipstick and this makes Bora Bora the most fun lipstick in my collection. I want everybody to own this shade because it makes you feel so cool !

Never in a million years would I have thought that I'd wear a shade as vibrant as this and love it ! But I do. Its a great fashion accessory and will get you noticed (in a nice way) even if you're just wearing a pair of skinny jeans and tee.

Color apart the formula is just as brilliant. They are so pigmented that even after a shower and dinner I still had a faint stain from my application in the morning. I've had no dryness and you'll notice the satin finish in the swatches. Overall for a fairly big number like $21.50 its worth every penny !

Indian Girl

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preeti said... @ July 13, 2010 at 5:29 AM

Woah!!! heheheee....I can NEVER pull off this color!!! It would make me look like a clown...:-(. But on you, it looks REAL pretty!!!

Suman said... @ July 16, 2010 at 3:58 AM

Wow, I love this color and I want to pull it off. Maybe if I were actually in Bora Bora, it would work :) My favorite tame version of this is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Berry Pink - try it!

Keener said... @ July 18, 2010 at 3:38 AM

I'm sure the colour would look great on you both. I'm NC45 and I love wearing bright colours from time to time and I don't think I look too bad. I was looking for a fuchsia and this is stunning. I was going to order it but shipping to Canada is more than the product itself. It's too bad, I would love to try this out.

Anyone know if you can purchase this anywhere else online or in store (even though I doubt I can pick it up here).

Majorica as well is great... so tempted to buy 'em both, but I really shouldn't.

Shy said... @ July 19, 2010 at 11:16 PM

Ok, honestly...I haven't seen one bad color on you...Not one! You can rock pretty much everything with such pretty lips AND make it look so good. Stop tricking us!

-Normal Lipped person.

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