Rimmel is soon catching up & becoming one of my very favorite drugstore brands ! I loved their lipsticks (airy fairy) , the long stay lip glosses come in some of the most wearable colors ( enduring love, lustrous nude, dream on), the eyeliners are metallic with a hint of sooty black - brilliant stuff ! I hit another jack pot when I tried out their 60 second nail polishes.

My manicure nights are often accompanied with MTV - The City. I love catching up on Whitney & her life while I paint my nails. And no matter how interesting her life gets I cannot stay put to let my polish dry. This formula works perfect for dry-time impatient people like me. It truly truly dries off in 60 seconds. The polish applies evenly, no streaks, has good amount of color, come in 16 shades and is super cheap at $3.30.

Its not just me who thinks it dries at supersonic speed - Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested Rimmel London's 60 Seconds Nail Polish in their January issue against a variety of polishes and they found the Rimmel polish to rank number one in drying time!

The only thing missing from the formula is shine. I have a theory that the shine adding ingredients tend to increase the dry time. Take the matte nail polishes - they dry off in a jiffy. Its the same here but the formula is not completely matte. As for the missing shine, add a coat of nail strengthening , polish enhancing top coat and you've got the glam shine ! Or if you're unlike me and are super trendy, get the mattefying coat and add a some of it for a crisp matte look. I think Essie makes a good one.

Some shades I loved from this range are Night Before - gorgeous purple with deep pink reflect ( Imagine that ! Its a lot like the frame around the shade except less gem like) and Rapid Ruby - a deep red with a hint of brown (so easy - it works on everybody !)

Have you tried the 60 Second Nail Polish ? Is there a shade you love & recommend ?

Indian Girl


sara said... @ January 29, 2010 at 8:31 AM

i have 'Blue Me away' from rimmel. it's the most gorgeous metallic blue with purple shimmer... beautiful!

tartangirl said... @ August 7, 2010 at 8:18 PM

I tried "deliciously dark". Very disappointing, bad formula, very thick and messy and you need two coats not one as stated on the bottle. It also takes at least 6 minutes and not 1 to dry. Wonderful colour but I won't buy it again.

Ness said... @ March 26, 2011 at 6:01 PM

I have "Grey Matter" and "Coralicious". I absolutely LOVE them, especially the former.
They dry super quickly, the colors are intense, and I love that they're matte :)

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