Yes, I got the title right !

And this post will be about drying sheets.

Don't run away ! Its a funny story about me, my stinking clothes and stuffing paper towels under my arms.

Just when you thought you had me figured.
Just when you thought you knew I liked tall boys with dimples, eye shadows with shimmer, lip glosses without a taste, scared of little dogs and clowns. Just when you thought you knew everything about me and my blog I throw this at you. This is the in between part of makeup, beauty and everything else in between that my blog is about.

Get ready !

I have a hate hate and some more hate relationship with Drying sheets. If you are now thinking something along the lines of "Tell me about it" stick around and nod your head as I continue with my story. I have a lot to tell. If you are not - its about time you do your own laundry !!

I hate drying sheets with a passion because nothing smells good. I especially hate the ones that are said to have a lavender scent. Who makes these ? The lavender stinks up my clothes with a chemically , highly synthetic nauseating scent that was for sure concocted by a chemist in his boring lab who had never gotten out to smell fresh lavender flowers.

Then there are the fresh scents. They are called fresh - that's all. Who decided this was fresh? Its not to me. Its very dull and stale.

This one time for three continuous days I thought my deodorant had stopped working and that my body was working over time to produce a weird onion like stink. I kept sniffing myself, hoping and praying no one came within five feet of me. I kept running into the ladies room and stuffing paper towels under my arms thinking something was wrong with my body. But there was no sweat - it was just a weird onion like stink.

Three days later I figured it was the wretched drying sheet.

You get my drift now. I have enough reason to hate them . And they come in sets of 60 to 120. So, there is no way I can finish them in less than six to eight months.

So, a couple of months back I did what I always do when I finally finish the box of sheets. I hit Walmart, stood in the laundry aisle and stared at all the sheets. I knocked each down off with my killer vision and they fell down ashamed. And then I read Jojoba Essence. Now that's good right ? Lotsa beauty people talked about Jojoba oils. Also, I loved the light golden packaging and it wasn't lavender or even worse fresh scent ! So, I picked it up (The Jojoba Essence Drying Sheets by Snuggle Creme) and ran home to wash my two loads of laundry.

For the first time - I am happy. Happy enough to tell y'all about it. The scent is subtle and my laundry smells fresh. Just the right amount of fragrance. Nothing that will have me sniffing my clothes to make sure I did not smell of drying sheets. Or was that onions ? Nothing that provokes my gag reflexes. Just a gentle delicate scent. Just what I craved.

You can stop nodding now. My story is over.

Thank you for listening and the applause at the end.
Thank you. No really, Thank you.

Indian Girl
PS : For today, we can call AIMB, AIMLB - An Indian's Makeup and Laundry Blog.


logos said... @ November 4, 2009 at 1:27 AM

I havent smelled any of the dryer sheets you have, but I love Bounce.
Jojoba might be the next one to try. The box even looks nice!

Kaoru said... @ November 4, 2009 at 2:11 AM

I use these reuseable rubber balls with spikes instead of dryer sheets. They do make there be some static, but no scent (I'm allergic to crappy laundry fragrances), and they last forever. Also, they fluff your laundry whilst it is drying, so it actually takes less time to dry (and less money! ^_^).

Prab :) said... @ November 4, 2009 at 10:23 AM

you are way too funny! lol

Divya said... @ November 4, 2009 at 2:26 PM

I like this post! It's funny and informative. I must try those dryer sheets. I know this is a make-up blog but random posts like this are great too :)

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