Over the years I have tried several concealer brushes but always came back to this

my ring finger.

It is soft, bendable, reaches every corner, helps me blend the concealer into my skin just as much as I want.

That being said I am still an Indian who eats spicy food with her hand - the one thing I always take into consideration before I put my finger anywhere on my face. The spicy ring finger is something I am predisposed to and as a result I have had to continue my search for a better concealer brush.

I expect the concealer brush to be everything my ring finger is - soft, bendable, reach every corner, help me blend the concealer into my skin just as much as I want.

In my search I found several types of concealer brushes. Some were beyond my comprehension. Ones that were rigid, made of weird fiber like material and did not blend or bend were all throw out. After seeing a few too many similar looking brushes that did not work I eventually found one that fits all my requirements from a concealer brush - the Smashbox Concealer brush #4.

Apart from the lovely black / red design, the brush is made of soft synthetic hair that gives excellent control for blending and layering the concealer. It bends into every contour of the eye without a need to apply too much pressure on the delicate skin.

What can I say - I am loving the non spicy version of my ring finger ! I only hope its as durable too ! If its not, you'll see a PS stating just that.

If $26 seems like a whole lot to spend on a single brush, check out the Wish For The Perfect Tools Brush Kit - $49 ( original value $ 134) The kit contains five brushes -
travel angled blush brush
travel blending brush
travel crease brush
travel shadow liner brush
travel angled precision liner brush

According to Smashbox's website the blending brush works double duty as a concealer brush !

What is your favorite way to apply concealer ? Is there a brush that does the trick for you ?

Indian Girl


Husha said... @ November 5, 2009 at 10:16 AM

Lol @ spicy ring finger. I always triple-wash before makeup so..yeah. And I use my ring fingers to blend the way they tell you in magazines.

That brush really looks like it was modeled after the top of a human finger..

Doreen said... @ November 5, 2009 at 11:34 AM

LOL! I'm glad you found the non-spicy ring finger version! I like ecotools' eyeshadow brush for concealer--the brush tip actually looks a lot like the Smashbox brush, but a little shorter. It's for eyeshadow, yeah, but I find that the synthetic hairs is wonderful for concealer. It really makes a big difference!

A'muse'me said... @ August 23, 2011 at 5:09 AM

I tried eco tools brush set for eyes and loved the brushes. Cruelty free and oh so soft!

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