I have a love / hate relationship with cold weather. Since I hate the heat and sweat of summer, I am always happy when it gets cold. I almost long for winters when I am no longer sticky from the sweat but am naturally fresh with flushed red cheeks. But then again, my fingers freeze and go numb the moment I get out. I need at least 3 pairs of gloves to keep this from happening. You see what am talking about here ...Love it but Hate it :(

I recently came across the Pop – Apples of the cheeks in Rouge. The moment I saw it I was reminded of my love for natural red cheeks. I have tried red blushes before and have most often I ended up looking like some one just gave me one tight slap on each cheek. But then, this one is nothing like that. It is everything I have dreamed of in a red blush.

There are a lot of different things about this product compared to the tons of other blushes I have.

First thing – it’s a thin gel! It’s almost like red water.
The red liquid is very well pigmented . I can see this color looking great on practically every body because its a sheer natural red. Most red blushes look fake on me but when this gel is spread on the apples of my cheeks, I get the most beautiful just out from the cold look. Its like a stain, not very noticeable but definitely there – its that natural looking and I don't even have to run out into the cold !

Second it comes in a tube, with the easiest and a hygienic applicator.
Yeah! No more hassles with carrying a fat blush brush or digging into a tub of greasy cream blush. You can wipe off the excess with a tissue and it’s clean as new! I am always a little scared of products that come with a brush attached to it, because it looks like a good breeding ground for bacteria. With this applicator, I don’t have to worry about any such thing.

Third, it takes me less than 5 seconds to apply on each cheek!
All you have to do is make a ‘+’ sign on your cheeks and spread it with your finger! You’ll be done in ten seconds flat. You can also use in on your lips. Yay for multifunctional products !

Fourth, its like wearing nothing!
You won’t feel a thing on your cheeks. No grease, no heaviness, nada.

Fifth and most important – IT STAYS PUT FOR EVER!
It does ! I applied it first thing in the morning and it did not fade one bit until late at night when I finally took it off with some water and cleanser.

I am so in love with this blush. I have the cutest winter flush of color in the fall ! Cant wait to try the other color Au Natural. Do you love winters too? Blog spot's been acting weird all day today. Hopefully this post goes up before it goes all weird on me again !

Buy your Apples of the Cheeks on their website or at Sephora

Indian Girl


Rupa said... @ October 25, 2008 at 1:54 PM

I have a similar product...Cheek and lip stain from Bodyshop. I Like it a lot though I use it very rarely...

Nosh said... @ October 26, 2008 at 10:50 AM

I wonder if this is like benetint? I like benetint but you have to blend it in really fast or it leaves little dots of color on your cheeks.

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ October 27, 2008 at 5:33 AM

Hey Rupa !
Do you like the one from Body shop? I havent checked it out yet...but if you gimme your word , I sure will :)

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ October 27, 2008 at 5:35 AM

Hi Nosh !

Yeah, its something like Benetint except with Benetint I found it a little difficult to spread it. There was always a bright spot where I applied it. This one blends like a breeze

God's favorite Child said... @ February 25, 2010 at 2:07 PM

Where can i buy Benetint for lips in Mumbai.Recently read in Femina that it gives super glossy look to lips.

Bruce said... @ October 24, 2011 at 9:37 AM

Thank you for this great blog
Shimmery eye makeup

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