Five things that are steady in my life are

Dry Skin

For Donuts

Dry Skin

For Tall Boys

Dry Skin

With so much dryness I stay away, far away from powder foundations when I'm going on dates with tall boys at Dunkin Donuts. Hey I'm all about the steady !

Even if I do use a powder foundations, its usually over my liquid foundation, just to help set it. And this is done with minimum usage of powder.

All this has changed since the New Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15 entered my life. To retweet my tweet - This is stuff makeup dreams are made of. I have exceptionally dry skin around the inner corners of my eyes and on the top of my cheeks. So dry that you can name these areas as deserts on the map of my face. Almost always I dab on a little extra moisturizer just on these areas after applying foundation to avoid the appearance of foundation full circle around the dry skin.

Twist , Twirl and Apply !

Not only do I don't do this extra step anymore, I don't even reach for my liquid foundation. I twist, twirl, apply and I'm done. Its that easy ! Its beyond easy, actually ! The Clinique Super Balanced Powder Makeup comes with a super fantastic grinder that dispenses just the right amount of powder for one application. You move the dial just about 1 cm or so and that should do it. Next I twirl my Kabuki brush in the compact and apply it all over my face and neck. That's it !

Its Smart !

The powder comes with something called Smart technology that keeps dry areas comfortable, oily areas less shiny. I trust this technology. The foundation does not gather around my dry skin. No more foundation full circle. In fact it glides smoothly and stays on for at least five hours without the need for retouching. If I'm looking for longer stay I apply my favorite primer before applying the powder and I'm set for the day !

Finish & Coverage

The best way to describe its coverage is light weight medium coverage. It feels light or lighter than a tinted moisturizer on my skin but the coverage is a brilliant medium ! Because it is so light, the finish is extremely natural. If you are looking for something to give you a natural & comfortable finish like a tinted moisturizer but want a little more coverage , you should check this out. You'll love it !

The brush it comes with is bad. Its rough and not a good match for the fabulous powder. However I do keep it in the compact because more often that not I forget to carry my kabuki with me and this comes in handy.

Overall at $34.50 it is a little more expensive that most other powder foundations but I've never been this satisfied with any other powder. So, until something else sweeps me off my feet - this shall be my Holy Grail powder. Also for $34.50 we get 0.63 oz of the product while a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder Compact retails for $25 and you get only 0.35 oz of product. If size is taken into consideration, its a very good value for money. The shade #4 Natural is uber perfect match for my skin tone. And when we find something that is this uber perfect - we cling on it for the rest of eternity.

Oh wait, so that makes this product another steady in my life, right ? Like I said, I'm all about the steady !

Price - $34.50 (0.63 oz)
- Nordstrom, clinique.com, macys
- Mineral enriched powder foundation with SPF 15
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