What is it ?

Skinn's Mattefying Day Treatment Seal will not only keep your moisture and treatments in your skin all day, it also keeps dryness, pollution and sun damage out! Day Treatment Seal is the perfect no-shine, under-makeup base to reduce the visibility of pores and imperfections. Mattefying Day Treatment Seal will help keep your skin looking matte, fresh and bright all day

My Experience :

Your girl decided to test this out on a day at the mall, getting in and out of stores, clothes, coffee shops and topped it off with greasy Chinese lunch !

The moment it touched the skin on my finger, the weight less gel turned into a velvetty thing with a powder like finish. I couldn't even feel the tiny ridges on my fingers ! Everything it touches turns into velvetty smooth goodness. A magic potion like that , I couldn't wait to put it on my face.

A Primer and a Mattifier

A little goes a long way, so I spread the purple gel on my face - it turns colorless on the skin. Topped it with some mineral powder foundation which took all of 10 seconds to apply because the surface was so smooth and flawless. And then I hit the mall !

All day at the stores I kept looking at my face which looked remarkably different. It is tough to say what but I guess it was the evenness of the skin - texture wise. As with any new product, I was skeptical and waited for it to turn messy - but it dint. It is great at controlling the oils on my face and acted as a super smoothing primer ! I would think this would be a great base for people who have some post acne unevenness on the skin or for anybody who wants do their foundation faster every morning.

My Overactive Imagination ?

The only thing I felt that I had to share was a weird feeling I had. I kinda felt like the sweat / oils on my face were trying to escape but something was blocking it. You know like the prisoner was trying to escape and the guard was very good at his job of keeping him in. Its a funny feeling, nothing disturbing at all ...but then it could just have been my over active imagination.

If you first wanna try it , I would advice getting the 14ml jar for $10. This should last you at least one month or more easily, so I'd say its a very good investment ! Buy yours here

Indian Girl


Hazel said... @ December 22, 2008 at 12:38 PM

Thanks! I'm always looking for the perfect product to help with the oil and shine!

Ria said... @ August 6, 2009 at 11:07 PM

Could you please if we get this gel in Walgreens, CVS etc?

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