How super is the name UFO !! I think I'm in love !

In love with not just the name but also the fragrance. Its its its , I'll call it ...

Undeniably Fabulous Object

Utterly Fantastic Odor (??)

U Fierce One

U've Found (the) One

Will stop now. My creative juices are on strike...

For UFO, Kenzo partnered with designer Ron Arad to create this one of a kind product. The unique bottle is being featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Only 1000 units of this exquisite fragrance have been made and being sold only at Bergdorf Goodman and kenzousa.com. Each one is individually crafted and hand polished !

The Fragrance

"The floral notes (orange blossom, Bulgarian rose) add femininity, tenderness and elegance. Frankincense intensifies the pure, mineral character of the lingering notes. Vanilla amplifies intimacy and sensuality."

Its very different from the other Kenzo fragrances, I've tried. For one there is no hint of powder, that is otherwise very popular in many other Kenzo fragrances. Its an extremely sensual and sexy fragrance. I'd say its just as exquisite as the bottle. You have to try it to believe it ! The 40ml Ea De Parfum will be yours for $188 !

Indian Girl


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