As part of their Fall 2009 Collection, Urban Decay came out with six cream eyeliners. Your girl has been testing the shades out for a week now and has the low down on everything you need to know about these inks.

Lets do this in a new style - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Style. This is how I indulge my love for cowboys and ranches. I am listening to Conway Twitty as I write this...

Its been a long time you're just as lovely....as you used to be...

The Good

The packaging !! We've got the pretty peacock sitting atop the case.
Or is it handsome ?

I got it. Handsome peacock with pretty feathers !

Open the gunmetal case and there you have a long narrow panel with the shade and beside it, is the applicator - an angled eyeliner brush and the smudger. One of the few times we get a brush that is actually very good. The liner brush picks up the right amount of color and the smudger very gently helps haze out the color. No other tools required !

Its creamy. Very creamy. The black and brown shades are exceptionally creamy. The green was the least creamy.

Since its so creamy and we have the good smudger brush I did the bedroom eyes look with it. This liner is the bomb when it comes to bedroom eyes. I generally don't like brown shades on my eyes but this brown liner makes for one the prettiest hazy bedroom eye look. The other colors work well too. My other favorite was the blue for this look. Just apply a thick line across upper lash line and a thin one across the outer edge of lower lash line and gently smudge. So easy, so gorgeous !

The Ink for eyes ain't just another eyeliner, man ! Its for the brows too ! After I smudged my eyes with the brown liner I ran the smudger along my brows and there I had it - filled in brows with one sweep of the smudger. You can use left over color like this !

We don't waste nothing around here. No Ma'am, not on The AIMB Ranch.

Its so slim, it fits anywhere. With their Pocket Rocket on one side and this on the other, we have a complete look !

( Just do the foundation / concealer part at home. ( if needed))

The Bad

So they are creamy and they smudge easily and that's good right.

Not always. No.

What if I wanted the thin liner look. What if I was going for the vintage liner on upper lash line look ? Does it work for that ?

Not a whole lot. Not by itself. If you want to do the vintage liner look, you must set it with an eyeshadow of similar color. This is because the staying power is very less. If its just for a couple of hours it might hold up but not for a day at school or work. At the very least one must set it with translucent powder.

The shades are a bit on the sheer side. The brown (demolition) is the most pigmented shade along with black (zero) but the other three shades are kinda sheer. The sixth shade - Pyrotechnics is a shimmery translucent shade that can be worn on its own or on top of any of these shades to add a bit of shimmer. I did not try this one.

The Ugly

I really don't have anything to fit this category. But I can show you a boo boo I made.

See the ring on top of the original liner. Result of not setting the liner with translucent powder. One hot mess in one hour.

So, I don't think I can sing
Its been a long time you're just as lovely....as you used to be...

Price - $ 26
Purchase - Sephora, Macys, Ulta, urbandecay.com
Purpose - cream eyeliner
Position -
Indian Girl

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PPS : If you are interested in some Lakme goodies, Jamilla is selling a few of em. You've got some good deals here ! We're talking something like $5 people...


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