I recently had the opportunity to try out a few products from the new Herbal Essences - Tousle Me Softly Line. I tried the tousled look described on their site. You can see the video here. Instead of just doing a review I thought a comic strip describing my experience would be cute and appealed to the geek in me. So, here you go !

So much fun !!

Now onto the review part .

So Much Volume, Man !

The shampoo and conditioner are good in general but not for my hair. They add WAY too much volume. It keeps my hair soft and shiny but the volume for my already thick hair was too much to handle. I am sure anyone with fine hair would appreciate the volumnizing effect. The Styling gel could have been a little more powerful. I was hoping it would keep the waves intact for at least a day but I don't think it did. However, it is very light, fluffy and did not make my hair feel greasy. It helped with the frizz.

I Dont Want No Irons

In the video the stylist uses the straightening iron to gently curl the model's locks but I did not want to bother with all that. Shouldn't a tousle -ing line be able to do it on its own without extra help from irons ?

Overall , the love the Tousle Me Softly idea but the products - not so much. I have, in the past used Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight line for several months and it continues to be my favorite. It gave me dangerously staright hair all by itself without help form any devices. I expected the same from Tousle Me Softly.

Have you had better experience with Tousle Me Softly ? Do you think it would work better for girls with slightly wavy hair ?

Indian Girl


Nessa said... @ August 6, 2009 at 12:19 AM

I got this and I am still trying different ways to wear my hair using these products without using an iron. I have thin/fine hair and it does kinda hold and I get a little volume, but not all day. My hair really doesn't hold anything though. You'll be seeing my review soon.

I love the smell though :)

saara said... @ August 7, 2009 at 6:34 AM

i've had experience with herbal essences..i have dry/damaged hair and i'm a sucker for shampoo ads so as soon as i saw the ad for herbal essences Hello Hydration i ran out to get it. it smells gorgeous but i'm afraid to say it did not work well for me. instead of making my hair soft and undamaged, it made it feel rougher than it was to being with.

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