When I first heard about the Smashbox Reign Collection, I was pretty blah about it. The packaging looked different and that's about it. But after actually testing the products I have only one thing to say - the collection pictures do not do any justice to the beauty of these shades or the exquisiteness of the packaging.

Inspired by the Tudor dynasty of the 1400's the collection is a modern take on the regal indulgence of those times. The evident theme is the presence of both matte and shimmer varieties of the shades. The shadow palette's have them, the blush has it. The lip products have a creamy matte lip pencil and a shimmery gloss ! Truly a magnificent combination of two of a kind !


I wanted to write first about my most favorite product in the collection - the lip color pencil. You know I've been all over pencils this summer and I shall enter fall with the same. These pencils are matte and creamy, unlike my other glossy lip pencils. They pack color with the same intensity as my mom packing food onto my plate.

You cannot not love the colors. On one side we have Currant the lip liner - a matte berry shade and on the other side we have the lip color Amaretto - a flesh toned peachy pink shade. Currant can easily be used as a lip color. the outer edges of my lips are a shade darker than the rest of it and currant is exactly that darker shade No one could guess I had something on my lips when I had this on. Natural at its best.

And Amaretto is to die for. This shade brightens up the whole face ! Though my lips are not as light as this shade, it manages to fit perfectly. I am so in love with this pencil !

Price - $22
Purchase - Nordstrom, Sephora, Smashbox.com
Purpose - Lip Color and Lip Liner
Position -

The next in line on my favorites list. Regal has a nude-peachy matte shade on one side and a warm shimmery peach on the other side. Its a subtle blush that adds a faint warmth to my cheeks. Not one for contouring or a conspicuous cheek color . I cant wait to pair with deeper warm berries or raisins during fall. Right now I am rocking it with the amaretto lip color !

Price - $32
- Nordstrom, Sephora, Smashbox.com
- Sheer Peachy Blush

Monarch is a slightly more warmer palette of the two. It includes a trio of matte soft gold, shimmering soft gold, matte copper, shimmering copper, matte deep brown, shimmering deep brown.

Oh wait that's not a trio. You see, its like this. We have a penny sized matte shade surrounded by the shimmery version of the same shade. How brilliant is that ! Matte shades are great along the outer V and crease and the shimmery ones work well as all over and as highlighters. The shades are nothing original but they earn big points for the wearability and the matte + shimmer combo idea.

Price - $42
Purchase - Nordstrom, Sephora, Smashbox.com
Purpose - Matte and Shimmer Eye Shadow
Position -

The outer box and the compacts have this huge emblem of the Smashbox dynasty. The compacts have a leather like finish and the emblem is engraved on it. Very regal, very grand !

Overall, its a collection for everyone. Its just so extremely wearable that I see myself reaching for it every single day. I am going on a tiny vacation this coming weekend and plan on taking just this collection and a bronzer with me. Its compact and has everything I will need for a two day warm glowing vacation at the beach !

What are your thoughts on the Smashbox Reign collection ? If you ask me, which is the item you must get. I'd ask you to go for the lip color.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday Ladies ! We are having some rains out here - FINALLY ! Something about rains just warms me up and gets me all cozy. To keep me from feeling drowsy I started my day with a retro track by Madcon . Its gotten me all pumped up !

Indian Girl


Anonymous said... @ July 28, 2009 at 1:57 PM

the eyeshadow thing is a cool idea

Syna said... @ July 28, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Nice..m liking the lip colours..What did u buy?

Sudha said... @ July 28, 2009 at 7:18 PM

Those lip colors look great on you! Did you use any gloss with them? I don't know if the colors would look as good on slightly more pigmented lips as your lips look very light colored.

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