Rock & Republic, SPF 20 and a Matte finish. Now tell me how am I suppose to keep away from trying this stuff ! The lack of shades could have stopped me but Sophia was right up my alley ! Now tell me again, how am I suppose to keep away from trying this stuff !! I'm only human you know. And one without a tinted primer at that.

Sheer & Light

The Rock & Republic Tinted Primer ($46) is made for summers like these and people like me. If the thought of makeup repulses you with the rising mercury then its time you became best friends with super sheer, matte, light formulas like this one. When I tried Becca Luminous Skin Colour I left like nothing could be lighter but clearly there is and it comes in a classic black bottle ! I love the feeling of not feeling it on my face. Plenty of women don't wear makeup even if they wanted to because of the heavy nature of it. Formulas like these can get anybody comfortable with the idea ! It evens out my face, balances the red on my cheeks and gives me some overall color. Its not one for coverage of any kind.

Another important thing is that its silicone free. A silicone free primer !

Even & Smooth

And since its a primer, it leaves my face feeling soft and even ! I usually don't apply powder on top but if you wanted to , it makes a perfect smooth base for powder application. Also when they say matte , I think they mean - not shiny or glowy. Because its not super matte. It does not look dry and powdery. Its just not glowy or shiny and is very natural looking. The only catch is the lack of shades. Its sheer so you can try and fit into one of the four but there is only so much fitting one can do. I hope they expand their line with more shades so many more women can get experimenting on this good stuff !

Indian Girl


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