Rx for Brown Skin is a line of skincare products, all of which were made to suit brown skin. With the different ranges of melanin , the types and problems that come with brown skin are unique and require special care. Rx for brown skin is one line that recognizes this difference and has formulated several products to suit brown skin.

I fall right into their category and with a whole line dedicated to my kinda skin...I had to try it ! By now you know what is the one word I go for. That;s right - BRIGHT ! Any product with word bright in it - I will try. After my trip to Big Bend I got back exhausted from the lack of sleep and lots of travel. Exhaustion leads to one thing for sure and that is dark circles. My regular moisturizers weren't really doing the trick. So, I turned to a more specific product - The Bright & Even Eye Cream for Dark Circles ($36)

No Dark Circles or Irritated Eyes ??

The very good thing about the cream is that in four days of using the product, my dark circles reduced drastically. I must also mention that I slept like a log but who doesn't after a 10 hour drive and three days in the wild ! The cream has awesome texture and provides a lot of hydration. Its not heavy or oily either. However, if I don't apply it carefully, my eyes burn a bit. I must take care to apply it just around the eye and see to it that not one bit touches the eye itself. The reaction is not severe but is more like an uncomfortable feeling that makes me want to wash it off ASAP. So, I decided on using it only before bed and applied it very carefully so it did not touch the eye at all and things were fine.

Overall it is almost the only cream that I've had a reaction to and the only eye cream that has made a difference as far as dark circles go. Weird Predicament ...Now that my dark circles are at a normal level, I have gone back to a regular eye cream but if they do make comeback, I'll whip the Bright & Even Cream out and fight em off - at night.

Indian Girl


Organic Lip Gloss said... @ June 18, 2009 at 10:43 PM

Dark circles are a headache and the cremes and lotions often do not work out...is this a good solution?

Faye Curtiz said... @ July 17, 2012 at 5:32 AM

I'm on the hunt for the perfect eye cream. Good to read it.

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