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Howz the weekend been so far ? Good , I hope. Mine started late, thanks to sleeping at 3 AM and waking up at 12:30. There I go, I said it. I woke up at 12 :30 PM today. Anybody else with me on this one ? No I wasn't out partying. All that was the rage when I was 18 , 19 . Not anymore. I was busy reading a book , chick lit to be precise. I got up , slathered on Aveda Moisture Mask, made the best coffee and sat online. Later today I'll hit Big Lots for some cheap retail therapy. That's what I've been upto...I hope yours is a little more exciting ;)

Today I come to you with something on my mind. I think we need a grading system for the blog. What say ? You agree ? I mean there are only so many synonyms of the word love that I can use. I want some way of conveying that my love for the product is at the LOVE-est level or the lowest level. Sometimes I like it a lot, but don't love it and that is a difference.

But do you want a system that will make this difference more pronounced ? And if you do what kind should it be ? Should it be a grading system - A, B, C,D or do points - 10 on 10 or 5 on 5 ?
Or is there any other way we can go about it ? Will having grade or points help you make your decision better ?

I personally am thinking we should do something unique as in come up with a system of our own. I'd love some creative help ! I was thinking of hop skin and jump over it , make a sprint to the mall for it and the likes of it.

EDIT : I just had another idea...may be I could have the ratings as a clock with one hand. Okay its 12 :30 AM and I'm sleepy....

I need your input on this one. So please take part in the poll and if you have any new ideas or thoughts, share em in the comments. You can even email me about it at makeupgirl007@gmail.com

Indian Girl


Laura said... @ June 14, 2009 at 5:27 AM

Here's my idea: it's still a point system, but instead of points, you could use winks (icon of winking eye)or kisses (icon of puckered lips). A product that you love could get 5 out of 5 winks or kisses, while a products that you is just ok could get 3.

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