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Blogger is so weird. The schedule post option isn't working and none of my scheduled posts are getting published on time. I'd like to say this is the reason I missed our Monday Makeup Tip post, last week, published it on Tuesday this week and get over it. Boy, does it feel good to blame blogger for my forgetfulness !

Have You Tried Mineral Makeup ?

If you usually have a hard time finding a foundation, I highly recommend checking out the mineral makeup companies out there. Most of them usually have at least twenty or so shades in their foundation lines and some even custom make a foundation that's perfect for you ! I will soon make a list of popular mineral makeup companies for y'all so you can check them out to satisfy your foundation needs. However most of these companies only make powder foundations. So, that's the catch #1. Catch #2 is this - most only make loose powder foundations. So that's that. I personally think storing anything loose is a pain and refrain from buying them most often.

Glo Minerals - Glo Pressed Base($39)

I recently tested out the Glo Pressed Base from Glo Minerals. It is a pressed powder foundation. So catch #2 is no longer a catch here. The pressed base comes in 21 shades. I had a tough time choosing a shade because I get lost when I have too many choices. Am I honey? Am I golden ? Am I natural ? Personally I'd love to be a natural golden honey but unfortunately that shade name does not exist. So I went for a honey medium.

Honey medium turned a little too honey-ish for me. May be I should have picked one of the golden shades. But lets talk texture. The coverage is plenty ! I never expected a powder foundation to give such a full coverage. Its plenty-full coverage, man ! The finish is more matte than satin. Since it is matte, if you get a darker shade it works well as a contouring product. Always remember to use matte shades for contouring or the effect will be a shiny disco-y bally-y.

Overall I love that the brand makes so many shades, most of which are in the medium - dark category. It is definitely something you should consider if you are looking for a matte , full coverage, mineral pressed powder. As for me, you know IG and full coverage arnt really best friends. As with most foundations, ordering online is a difficult thing. The Glo Mineral products are said to be available at several salons and spas through out the country and you can find testers at some of these locations. I could not find a list of the spas that carry Glo Minerals online. If I get any more info on this, I'll keep you updated.

I Was Featured On Thevi Cosmetics Blog !

Thevika from Thevi Cosmetics featured AIMB on her blog this week ! She had such wonderful things to say about AIMB...It meant so much to me. You know how I usually keep my bidness out of the blog and only talk about beauty. But this week has been beyond awful. Hence the lack of posts too. Seeing that somebody like Thevika , an awesome entrepreneur had such nice things to say about AIMB makes all this so much more worth it ! You can read the feature here.

Wait, therez more. Since I'm the featured blogger for Thevi this week, we'll soon be having a Thevi Giveaway ! Come back tonight for more ( on the giveaway)

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Anonymous said... @ May 4, 2010 at 7:46 PM

what do u mean honeish?and whats tha diffrent between golden or honey,does the golden have moor yellow in it than honey?what color do u think suit kourtney kardashian becouse i have the exact same skin tone,or if u have tryed mac loose mineralize i use dark and its perfekt and now if u comper it to that shade wahat do u recomend?

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