Meet the latest and greatest from Avon- Spectra Color Lipstick. I bet Avon has plenty of engineers on their product design team ! Seriously this is an amazing idea ! The deal is this. The Spectra Color Lipstick has two tubes in it that contain the lightest shade in the color family and another that contains the darkest. At the bottom is a dial with 1 to 7 markings. As you turn the dial, color of a corresponding intensity is dispensed. So at #1 you get the lightest shade , by 4 its an in between shade, by 7 its the darkest shade and so on ! All in all its seven shades of lipstick in one tube !!! Who can beat that !

The coolness apart, I give Avon props for another reason - the lipstick. Its a liquid lipstick that is super moisturizing, well pigmented, non sticky with an overall good feel to it. I tried The Nudes and you get all kinda nudes, man ! From the palest nude to deep nudes in one tube. For day I like #3 or #. For a night out, I turn the dial all the way to #7. Ooh what fun !! I am so gonna get The Pinks, The Berries and The Peaches too. I wanna get my mom The Wines and The Raisins. All in all I wanna get them all. For $9.50 this is a must buy and I don't call things a "must buy" all that often.

Indian Girl


Sonali's kitchen said... @ July 15, 2009 at 9:08 AM

Hi. pretty nice review. what color is you swatch? is that the nude?

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