We all stay up at night for various reasons. For some of us it is the economy, lack of jobs, for some of my friends it is their Phd and thesis, for new moms its probably the anxiety of the baby waking up or just the stress of everyday life. Things happen to us during the day that keeps us from getting a good night's sleep. What ever the reason, Body Shop has a new product to help us ease into sleep - The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist ($16)

After I tried the product out, I knew wanted to buy it for was my friend. All we have to do is either spray it on the pillow or on our body. The mist supposedly has a special encapsulation technology that allows bursts of active fragrance to be released throughout the night to aid more satisfying sleep.It dries almost immediately and is packed with a soothing medley of Community Trade chamomile, jujube date, geranium, juniper and patchouli essential oils to promote tranquility for a deeper, restful night of sleep. The scent is subtle yet powerful as in if you spray it on your pillow, only you will reap its benefits. In other words, your hubby who is sound asleep beside you wont even notice its there ! What I found is that the scent creates a calm, restful atmosphere so you can think of nothing else but sleep. And if you still have other things running on your mind...just turn to your pillow and take a good whiff of the calming scent and all will be fine !

Here are some other tried and tested formulas to induce sleep :

Chanting Om is my mom's solution. When I was young she often told me to chant Om if I couldn't sleep. Not in a spiritual / religious way but just to channel your thoughts and concentrate on one thing. So much concentration often puts me to sleep.

While we all don't have in house masseuse , we do have a shower and all that water, supposedly gets us tired enough to hit the bed and sleep. Take it a step further using relaxing bath products. I love Lisa Hoffman

Soothing music like the ones played at spas. Preferably instrumental ones

Get a fragrance that's not strong but is soft and clean. Use it in the bath or in your bedroom. I like Slatkin & Co's Fresh Bamboo

Reading when I want to sleep, often puts me to sleep. Hopefully it will work for you too !

Well, there you go ! These are some things I do to trick myself into sleeping.

What tricks do you pull to get your ready for bed ?

Indian Girl


Doreen said... @ May 13, 2009 at 10:46 AM

Wow, that scent sounds really nice. Although I won't be needing the sleeping mist anytime soon (I usually have to stay up working, and I'm usually out by the time my head hits the pillow), I want to take a whiff of it myself! Y'know that Sally Hansen Foundation Mist? I haven't seen it in my local drugstore yet, so I'll see if I can get one by this weekend. I'm excited!

Mugdha said... @ May 13, 2009 at 5:39 PM

Nice blog! But the last thing I usually need is something to put me off to sleep :-) Now something that would wake me up, make me feel happy to be awake and still make me look like I'm fresh and bright...that would be something...well thank god for coffee!!

I have tried Bath and Bodyworks sleep mist in Lavender and it is really nice too!

divya said... @ May 13, 2009 at 8:32 PM

sounds perfect for my husband...

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