Soon after posting on my love for the New Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Creme and Eye liners, lovely reader Andy from Chicago, wrote to me saying ...

"I love your columns......
Since you love the Estee Lauder Creme Double Wear shadows...I need for you to help me pick the look for my everyday summer look. I'm going crazy because I love them all..I am so not good at picking the correct colors to bring out my hazel eyes. I have a lot of pink in my skin so..I avoid purples. I am blonde and I really need a fun summer new look....

If you can pick out a double wear pot shadow and a double wear liner, I would be oh so appreciative. Any idea for a full summer look?
Thank you sooooooooo much

So I got to work and requested Rick DeCecca, the Global Makeup Stylist for Estee Lauder to help Andy out.

As a Global Makeup Stylist, Rick works with Estee Lauder to help determine color and trend direction for the Brand’s makeup looks. He travels the world as a roving Brand ambassador and creative consultant. A master teacher, Rick helps educate and train Estee Lauder Makeup Artists and Beauty Advisors in the US and internationally.

Rick is master of what he calls, “real beauty,” or the belief that any woman can be beautiful. He’s worked with world-renowned supermodels, but he takes his greatest pride in the work he’s done to help women battling cancer feel like supermodels in their own right. Rick says he gets the most enjoyment from working with “real” women. “I work with women with lives, with kids, with time constraints. Making them look great and feel better in a limited amount of time is what we’re all about. Estee Lauder used to say our goal is to make every woman beautiful, and I believe in that philosophy completely.”

So what did Rick recommend for our real woman, Andy ? Let see...

Apply Ivory Lace Double Wear Shadowcreme over entire eye lid area - blend from the lash line while buffing with fingertip up over lid to brow. Then apply Precious Jade Double Wear Shadowcreme all over lid area buffing into crease to soften the definition.

The next step is to smudge Double Wear Eye Liner in Onyx along upper lash line and Bronze along lower lash line. Finish with TurboLash or Sumptuous Mascara in Black.

At night use Double Wear Shadowcreme in Sea Mist in place of Precious Jade.

And, it does not end there ! Andy, get ready to rock your summer look because YOU WILL BE RECEIVING ALL THE RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS soon !!! Girl, you're gonna look dashing this summer with this customized look made just for you ! Now tell me, don't you just love it !!

So, keep your questions, thoughts and comments coming because you never know when you might just be picked for a surprise giveaway just like this one !

Indian Girl


Nina said... @ April 24, 2009 at 11:16 AM

This is so amazing! I love surprise giveaways! ;)

Rachael Williams said... @ April 24, 2009 at 7:31 PM

You rock! Thanks for the oppurtunity:)

farha said... @ April 25, 2009 at 1:04 AM

i love suprizes awsome!!!!

Mukho said... @ April 25, 2009 at 8:08 PM

The Master is right!
From the photograph and from your lucky reader's description of her coloring, its obvious that the colors Rick has pointed out are THE choice for her :)
Wish I was that good at picking out stuff that will look good on me :)

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