The Spring break might be over, but the tanning season has just begun ! If you're not careful you could easily end up getting sunburnt ! The latest victim to the merciless rays of the Sun God was Kim Kardashian. Poor thing got Kim-burnt. Ouch !

Tanning is best avoided unless it is done safe with tanning sprays and lotions. But if you're a sun worshiper then always remember to use sunscreen before you lay down by the pool. If you still get burnt, then its probably best to avoid the sun.

To soothe your burns try the Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm ($20). Apply it all over the sun burnt area to help calm the skin. Aloe has always been known to have soothing effect on our skin. The cool gel takes care of the irritated skin and reduces the burning sensation. Additionally the product also contains Micrococcus Lysate, which helps repair free radical damage caused by the potent rays of the sun. I never go tanning, so I've been using this as a cooling face mask after a run out in the sun. It helps pump back moisture in to my dehydrated face. Even 30 mins out in partial sun, get me all irritated(I get this from my mom). So I always keep some cooling product in the fridge to calm me, more than my skin ;)

Micrococcus lysate is an extract of powerful enzymes.The extract comes from the organism Micrococcus luteus,which is one of the most UV-resistance organisms known to science. Scientific studies have shown that enzymes from this organism are able to support against UV light.Micrococcus lysate is a natural way to assist the skin against the effects of the sun.

Other things you can do , to help with sun burnt skin is to apply chilled yogurt, tomato/ cucumber slices, ground mint leave. These are naturally cooling agents that might give you some much wanted relief. Big thanks to lovely reader Mugdha for the suggestions. What other ideas do you have for calming sun burnt skin. Is there something special that you do ?

Kim, if you're reading, you might wanna try this out. Hope it helps , girl !

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ZESTYWONDERLAND said... @ April 19, 2009 at 6:55 PM

That's Karma!

I was a fan of hers until I saw what she did to her sisters!
They own a shop called Dash.
It was a DREAM of all of them to branch of from the store & make a line called Dashing with perfume & stuff.

Well Kim has been working on her OWN perfume.
Come time to name it she choose Dashing!
At this point her sister's learned Kim had Copywrited the name Dashing 2 years ago (behing her sister's backs) all for herself only.
Not only did she cut them out of any profits...but she kept this dirty back stabbing secret for 2 years!
Karma~ she burnt her own flesh & blood .....now she got burnt.
We now see what a spoilt two face person she is & her face shows it now!
Kinda ironic!

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