Good Morning Ladies ! Its Friday !! Time to start looking forward to two days of pure laziness ! Are you with me on that ?? It has been raining out here, all morning and I absolutely love the rains. Brings back happy memories when our whole family used to cuddle up and munch on hot savories ! Well no hot savories this morning, but all the green outside my window does have me feeling very organic. Hence the post on The Organic Nail Polish Remover from Karma Organic Spa.

Karma Organic Spa was started by Nausil Zaheer in 2007. Having worked as a Celebrity Manicurist for several years, she was sick of the stink of acetone that followed her everywhere. Soon, she started work on developing her own line of non- toxic, organic nail products and spa. Nausil's Organic, Non Toxic Spa is located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The line now carries the organic nail polish remover and over 80 shades of nail polish.

* 100% Biodegradable
* 100 % Soy and Corn based
* Non-toxic
* Non-carcinogenic
* Free of any Petroleum Ingredients
* Derived from Farm Crops which in turn supports American farming
* Packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles
* Comes in Lavendar, Tea Tree, or Unscented

I recently tried out their Organic Nail Polish Remover. The remover comes in three scents - Lavender, Tea Tree & Unscented. I tried the unscented one. Removing nail polish is often a slightly painful process for me, given my super sensitive cuticles. All the brands I've tried till date left my cuticles burning a little bit. This is another reason I never swatch nail polish on my right hand because the cuticles hurt when I'm taking it off. No its not unbearable , but is a little uncomfortable. The Organic Nail Polish Remover completely changed this for me. It takes off the nail polish very efficiently without evoking any reaction from my cuticles. It feels like rubbing oil on my nails. So gentle yet super effective. Plus it feels good, that I'm not using any chemicals on my nails. I remember as a teenager, every time I go out a bottle of nail polish, my mom would remind me of all the chemicals I'm putting on myself. With this, I wont have to worry about that and she wont be able to detect a thing coz it does not carry the heavy smell of regular nail polish removers !

Gotto love this. Gotto get this ! The Karma Organic Spa, Organic Nail Polish Remover retails for $9.99. Read more here

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