Going by the trends in India, I think its all about a fresh, clean look this spring. It is time for an understated charm. Two ladies to take inspiration from are Deepika Padukone and Genelia. Deepika looks sultry and sexy while Genelia is cute and girly but both do it with minimum makeup.

Deepika looked ravishing in her shoot for Harpers Bazaar India. The makeup was soft yet alluring. If you are going for this look, its important to have great looking skin. And for that, it is important to invest in a good routine that works for you. This look is all about less makeup and more you, so skin plays a major role.

Check out Deepika's and Genelia's face makeup. Its not heavy and the finish is extremely natural looking. A tinted moisturizer is a great choice here. For Deepika's glow you could either add a liquid bronzer to your foundation or brush on a golden powder bronzer on key light hitting areas on your face. For Genelia's look you can opt out of the bronzer and go for a hint of pink blush. The next important thing for this look, are your brows. Keep em strong and full. This brings a lot of attention to your eyes without the effort of piling on eyeshadow. Next up are the lashes - lush & natural. A double duty mascara that gives length and volume, is what we need. Finally the lipstick/gloss. Nothing beats a sheer coral or pink shade for spring. Deepika has on a sheer coral, that goes well with her orange dress. We can go for pinks or naturals (like Genelia) , just as long as its not overpowering and neon.

I am a big fan of this look, mostly coz its low maintenance. A cute dress and five minutes in front of the mirror is all it takes ! With the heat on I couldn't be bothered with any more than this ;)
What is your mantra this spring ? Are you doing the girly cute thingy too ?

Indian Girl


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