Man, I was a kid with crayons the day I got these colorful pens ! Though I had no nail polish on, I had to use them. So I painted my nails asap with the Insta dri nail polish and started working on the Picasso in me !

Using the pen is super easy. You open it and press a little bit against your nail so the color comes to the tip and from there on its art art art ;) I tried out the blue and the hot pink and absolutely loved the shades. The yellow and pink polka dot look was my fav. The tip is nice and pointy making it very easy to draw thin staright lines or small dots. These pens are available in 8 colors including black, white, silver and gold. I am planning on getting the gold, to go with clear nail polish. The white of course is great for french manicures and gray is a hot color on the runways !

If you just used the pen on your nails you can easily wipe it off with a wet cloth so mistakes are easily forgiven. That being said do not forget to apply a top coat or everything will be gone by the next day. If you are at CVS or Walgreens grab one and give it a go.They only cost about $7.95 and with the super beauty deals that CVS often has, I'm sure we'll find it at much lower cost or on a BOGOF. Plus, who knows you might give up your manicurist and save all the dolla dolla !

Read more on Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens here

Indian Girl


Rima Kaur said... @ March 31, 2009 at 12:07 AM

its so CUTE! the polkas are the best!

Rupa said... @ April 1, 2009 at 4:46 PM

Wow, I so so want them.....fun stuff isn't it ?

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