I have professed my love for all things Kenzo before. This post is another testament as to why I cant get enough of it. If I ever made a list beauty products that could change my mood / make me happy , then Kenzo is would be on top of that list.

Creamy Cleansing Cream -

The Creamy Cleansing Cream is part of Kenzo's Relaxing Lotus line. The lotus extracts give these products a delightfully relaxing scent that transcends all stress and irritations of everyday life. The cleanser comes in a huge jar that'll make you feel so happy that its a good size for $32. But you'll need some tips to make it last long. Open the jar take some in your palm and close it. If you don't close you will be so tempted to keep reaching into the jar because of the amazing serene effect it has. Makes me wanna sing , Take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape ...take me away....

If you don't like anything creamy for your cleanser, then you can always use it as a face mask . Apply a good amount on dry face , let it sit for a few minutes and then wash off for smooth, clean well rested skin. I like storing it in the fridge for a few minutes before I use it as a mask. If you are in a mood for a face massage, rub the cream gently in circular motions using upward strokes that move away from the center of your face. It gets the blood flowing and makes for a soothing experience. This is gonna be my weapon against the ghastly summer heat.

Ice Cold Eye Cream

I've been wearing this eye cream religiously every night for almost three weeks now ! That is lot coming from me. It is so tough for me to stick to a "night skin routine". I'm sure I'll be beating myself over it when I'm 30. But really, three continuous weeks only because this stuff is addictive. Without it I feel incomplete. After my evening shower, I apply the Kenzo Twilight Cream on my face , the Ice Cold Cream around the eyes. Together they relax me further, making me want to plop on the bed and doze away...

Kenzo dubs it as the Eskimo cream but really its not that cold, unless you store in the fridge. The eye cream is from their Euphoric line, made from Ginger extracts. The ginger is specifically grown in China for Kenzo. It also has several other natural beneficial ingredients but one that caught my eye is the mango grown in India (yumm !!). The mango butter gives the cream its lush moisturizing capabilities. It really has had an effect on my dark circles. Thank God, I don't have the worst of them. Before you can curse me, let me tell you, my family gets it a little later in life and then they just won't go ;) The subtle scent of the cream is suppose to have a positive influence on the mood. That, I agree on, it really does make me feel good.

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