With Valentine's day just around the corner you don't have a lot of time, to score a getaway with the hottie you have your eyes on. But fear not ! I have the perfect recipe for you to shimmer your way into your cutie's arms !

First up , start working on scoring your date with him - TODAY ! He does notice you, but you don't want him to take his eyes off you ! And how do you do that ? You glow...its as simple as that.

Rub a dub dub Susan Posnick's Color Me Champagne Shimmer on your cheek bones and eyes for a warm alluring look. The pink & gold flecks are sure to get his attention ! And, by evening, he'll call and ask you out on a fun date !

Wooohooo ! Time to the make the best of your dinner date. But that's easy breezy. Pull out that LBD and those Jimmy Choos you've stacked away for this dream date.

Now add Julie Hewett's Shimmy ( How cute!) in Goldie over those sleek shoulders, décolleté and a bit on the center of your eyelids. For a sexy pout just add a dot of Goldie on the center of your lips. There is no way he'll take his eyes off you, all evening !

Aah, am sure the evening will go very well and you will have your second and third dates. But by now, all you'll be thinking about is why he hadn't yet asked you out to the Bahamas for V day ! Hang in there girl ! He'll surprise ya with just what you want. Meanwhile lets talk about what you should do when you do go there.

Two things, you 'll need two things to keep you body glowing while you're on those beautiful warm beaches. For bolder days slather on the NARS Body Glow all over for a sultry, warm, golden glow. For more mellow days, get the NARS Monoi Body Glow II to flaunt a delicate, natural looking glow. You'll love the warm wonderful scent !

Wait, did I just get you thinking that shimmer was only for your face & body ? Not at all ! Who doesn't love lustrous, shiny locks ! Shampoo, Condition, Blow dry and spritz some Mizani Shimmer Reflects Spritz all over to provide a soft hold and lots of luster !

Its only the Feb 4th , today ...there is almost 10 days more for THE day. Trust me, you'll be in the Bahamas by 14th. All you have to do is follow what I said. Let me know how the magic works...

Indian Girl

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Anonymous said... @ February 5, 2009 at 2:42 PM

I wnana buy all your Items, So sweet of u.
send flowers

MPT said... @ February 5, 2009 at 6:10 PM

Ha!! I loved this super cute blog!!! Just a heads up I tried NARS warm glow lotion, and it is just a sticky mess....instead try one of those VS or Bath and Bodyworks shimmer creams….or Elizabeth Arden’s perfumed shimmer powder…that’s a bit expensive, but has a great subtle golden glow-y shimmer not the harsh glittery shimmer….these really do the job….you shimmer, shine and smell great!!

P.S: Love the V-Day and Bahamas idea...got to start giving subtle or maybe not so subtle hints ;)

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