Classic case of falling in love hard and fast. I'll tell you the whole story...read on...

What is it ?

A cleanser with generous portions of fine and coarse sea salt to wash away everyday grime. The Ocean Salt refreshes, nourishes, and tones, all while smelling deliciously of violet and lime. Butters of the avocado and coconut variety take the edge off, moisturizing and softening face to reveal brighter skin . The Vodka margarita exfoliates and cleanses tired skin. It can be used on the body as well !

My Experience

Like I said, I fell for it hard and fast. But before that I had a couple of surprises. Firstly, 4.2oz is really not that big. LOL, no I wasn't expecting a huge trough either ! Secondly, its a face and body scrub !
The moment I opened and saw the mix of bright blue and white I was all over it. I felt like a kid with new colorful crayons to play with. So, I dampened my face, took a bit of blue 'n' white and rubbed it on my face. The smell is of Vodka with a hint of lime. So, some of ya might find it a little synthetic. After a couple of circles around my face, the salt started dissolving and the creamy action kicked in. Soon after which I started washing it off. The moment water fells on my face, I felt a softness like never before. Its almost too good to be true. Brilliant ! I have never felt more squeaky clean, ever.

But then my face reacted. Who knew my face could react. It is usually in a state of trance where nothing I put on it causes it to react. In other words....tough (AKA buffalo ) skin. But soon after washing off I had a slight burning sensation which I figured was due to my over enthusiasm with rubbing the coarse salt on my face. It faded off as soon as I loaded up on moisturizer, so no worries there.

A few things to remember with the Ocean Cleanser : This baby ain't gentle. Its Hard Kaur. It'll strip away your dead cells, white / black heads and leave you with velvet soft skin. But remember to splash a lot of water on your face before using it, if you want it to be gentler. The excess water will get the salt to dissolve sooner.

Overall, I LOVED my experience with Hard Kaur Ocean Salt Cleanser and am so looking forward to getting a huge barrel of it this summer. Have you tried any cleansers from Lush ? If so, lemme know how it worked out for ya. I would love to get some pointers for my next Lush order.

Read more on the Ocean Salt Cleanser here

On another note, I am in the foul-est mood ever. I hadn't had carbs in 4 full days, so last night for the safety of the people around me and myself, I had some rice. In those four days, my computer started acting up like it had a mind of its own. And this morning , I discover that the folder which had ALL my photos in it is missing ! I dont even have most of them anywhere online. I ran a search twice but its no where...I cant believe I've lost all my photos...terribly sad.

Indian Girl


A-Diddy said... @ February 6, 2009 at 3:24 AM

Coal Face is a really cool bar cleanser from lush. I really really love it! It exfoliates (for that terrible winter dry skin) but is supposed to get rid of impurities and stuff too, which I think it does! I also tried Baby Face (which was a little too rich for me) but during the winter, might be good for someone who has really dry skin. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lush Tea Tree Toner! It smells great!

PrissyGreen said... @ February 6, 2009 at 6:01 AM

be careful with that one girl. salt always has rough edges, impossible to get it rounded so it will be very rough on your skin. honestly not a great choice for your delicate face. but would be great for rough body skin!

sorry you are having a rough week! I tried low carbs and I couldn't do it. I was EVIL! my bf at the time was like please eat a loaf of bread already! 8-)

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ February 7, 2009 at 1:17 AM

Hi A- Diddy !

Glad you told me about the Coal Face bar ! Its on top of my LUSH list now ! Have you tried their vanishing Cream ? Its super light and leaves almost matte feeling afterwards...

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ February 7, 2009 at 1:46 AM

Hi prissy Green !

Aww...thank you girl ! You're sucha sweetheart ! Yea, no carb is bad for me. I'm planning more of a low crab now on...

Sneha said... @ May 7, 2009 at 5:35 AM

I LOVE Lush and this is one of my favorite products by them. I use this in mornings, followed by the tea tree toner, and then the vanishing cream. It works wonders on my face. I use Coalface in the evenings.

Some people might think it's a bit harsh, but honestly, I think a good exfoliation is what my skin really needed. I used to break out fairly often, but it has calmed down since I started this Lush regimen.

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