Check these beauties out ! You see how bright they are ! Don't they look like they are made for beautiful springs & warm summers ! I showed these to my BFF and she gave me the weirdest look and said - " Are these lipsticks or crayons? "

Though these lipsticks look super fun & daringly bright on the outside..they are very shy & sheer when applied. Sheer LA is a beautiful sheer peach with the tiniest bit of gold sparkles, that looks best on tanned skin. Since I cant wait until summer, I load up on the bronzer every time I wear this. Actually for the past week I have been using it over plenty of other cool nudes and light pink colors to help warm them up to my skin tone.

Sheer Milan though looks a cool blue pink that looks just that on the lips. However its a different cool pink outside and than the one on my lips. I have a feeling it will look good on light skin tones and on lips that are not very pigmented. Though very pretty, it just did not go with my skin tone.
The intensity of the color varies between the two shades. Sheer LA is on the sheer side but does give enough color when layered. Sheer Milan isn't that sheer at all ! But both the lipsticks pack in lots of moisture, do not feather away and are extremely easy to apply. The classy silver packaging is a big winner for me ! More than wearing them I just wanna keep them as show pieces for the bright gorgeous colors that they are !

Read more on Trish McEvoy Sheer Lip Color here

Indian Girl


Fiza said... @ February 12, 2009 at 8:54 AM

the first one looks awsome on u

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