What is it ?

Poo Pourri is a blend of all natural essential oils that virtually eliminate bathroom odors. Unlike most other odour eliminating products this is to be used before using the bathroom. The essential oils in the formula creates a film on the toilet water surface, effectively trapping embarrassing odors. Flushing releases the odor neutralizing formula into the air leaving the bathroom citrus fresh !

My Experience :

Ahem. Now I know this ain't a beauty product, but your girl here will do anything to save ya any embarrassment - including talking bout " my experience" on this product. By now you know what this is right ? Spritz the bowl before you go...and no one else will ever know ...that's what it is. We have all had uncomfortable experiences either at a friends place or at relatives places when someone needs to use the bathroom just after you or if you had to use it right after some one. My trick has been to stay just a little longer hoping time will erase the fact that I was there . That is when I hate those electric room fresheners - doesn't do anything in those much needed circumstances. But neither you nor your guests will have to worry about leaving any tell tale signs in the air , thanks to this innovative product.

The Poo Pourri comes in 4 different scents - the original citrus, the Royal Flush ( for Gentlemen...huh the irony ), Heaven Scent & No. 2. The heaven scent is the most lady like with flowery scent to it. The bottles are all beyond adorable in their packaging. They come with tiny bows, cute pendents and chains on them making for a cute display on the commode. They also have 2oz travel size bottles which are good for around 100 uses. For an awkward product the name, the packaging , the scent takes away all awkwardness of it. Now all I think of when I hear the name Poo Pourrie is how cute everything about it is.

Read more about Poo Pourri here

Indian Girl


Toma said... @ January 5, 2009 at 5:52 AM

Nice post! I have no shame in saying I bookmarked the site! I'm definitely buying this.

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ January 5, 2009 at 10:47 AM

Hey Toma !

Yeah it is very practical & super useful stuff. How've you been ?

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